We love what nisa has done for our businessheart background imageheart background image
We love what nisa has done for our business

Williams Supermarket


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Williams Supermarket

With the end of Costcutter’s contract with Nisa just around the corner, Richard Williams, owner of Williams Supermarket in the town of Somerton, Somerset, knew something would have to change. “We only left Costcutter this January,” he says. “This was simply because they were leaving Nisa and we’ve always been very big supporters of the Nisa product range. Whilst we had a fantastic business relationship with Costcutter, we were uncertain about the deal with Palmer & Harvey (P&H). Our store is a big one and we didn’t feel the P&H deal would cater for such...

We love what nisa has done for our business

Nisa Local, Whittlesey


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Nisa Local, Whittlesey

Nisa’s new Store of The Future 2 format has been embraced by one particular family of partners, who own and run what will soon number four stores in the Peterborough area.

What’s more, the two brothers, Anish and Jamie Keshwara, have been delighted with Nisa’s changes at one of his stores in Whittlesey: “We used to have two ambient deliveries on pallets that lasted us the week and the shop front was uninviting with vinyl covered and poor lighting. We only had limited promotional bays, no room for a food to go offering, and that

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